About Us



Big Strides Learning, Clarkson-Mississauga, is an online community of teachers and professionals , founded by Berna Demiryol

As a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, there is an increasing need to have an online community where young and young-at-heart learners can get together to share their passion and learn from our wonderful teachers who are deeply experienced in their fields. We have the expertise and passion to connect with learners who is just beginning to learn a new skill or would like to advance their skills. This platform provides our community a medium to connect, teach and learn from our each other. 

We are also happy to share with you that we are developing a new and exciting relationship with the Learn and Uplift Foundation (LAUF). LAUF is a registered charity | BN: 805161593RR0001 and brings various educational programmes to underprivileged communities across Canada, India and Africa.