Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop

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We are excited to start the Fall 2022 season with our popular, most in-demand workshop for writers out there!  Ready to kick start your writing? 

This is an amazing opportunity for writers who want to polish and hone their writing skills while having an experienced and wonderful mentor and a community to share their work with and get the much-needed inspiration and support. Lorna is an award-winning author who has written 45 fiction and non-fiction books that span multiple genres and delight all ages of readers. Well-known for her long list of sports-themed series’, including the Amazing Hockey Stories collection, Podium Sports Academy young adult series, Puckster picture book adventures, Wayne Gretzky raves “they really help teach the importance of having good values both in hockey and in life.

Lorna has over 45 books published that span multiple genres.

For further info about our instructor Lorna:

 This exciting workshop runs from October 15th to December 3rd.  We will help you reach your writing goals by going through the fundamentals of the writing process, with weekly exercises and feedback. Plus you will have access to the beloved Canadian author Lorna Schultz Nicholson and a community of writers to get support, ideas and inspiration

8-week Online & Interactive Program, including offline Feedback and Mentoring during the program duration. 


Program Curriculum:

 Week 1 - Introductions to Writing: Genres & Styles of Writing, Writing Process

Week 2- Character development, depth, backstory, narration and point of view

Week 3- Setting: Places, Scenes and Times

Week 4- Secondary characters and how they help to tell our story

Week 5 - Developing a story arc, subplot and most of all… conflict

Week 6 - Developing the story elements and pacing the story

Week 7- Bringing it all together and Editing

Week 8- Review of work accomplished, stories written, discussion on next steps


Attendees will join an interactive class using Zoom.  The attendees may choose to share pieces of their work with their instructor during the week to get feedback.



Disclaimer: We try our best to open our classes as scheduled. However, we may need to cancel if there are not enough enrolments. In the event we do, we fully refund your course fees.