Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy

Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy

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8-week Online Program includes Feedback and Mentoring 

Expected Outcome: 

These workshops encourage students to ask questions, develop critical thinking,  and appreciate the value of clear thinking and reflective discussion with peers. Students are able to articulate the reasoning behind their answers more clearly as the workshops progress and the quality of the group discussions increase significantly.

Program Curriculum:

Week 1 - How do we think critically?

Week 2- What is Beauty?

Week 3- What is Fairness?

Week 4- Belief and Knowledge

Week 5 - How do we know the Truth?

Week 6 - Consumption and the Environment

Week 7- Law Making — What is Right?

Week 8- Personal Identity — What makes you, you?


Online Platform: Students will join the class using Google Meet or Zoom.

Age Requirement: Appropriate for Grade 5-7 students who has an inquisitive mind.

We may be able to form custom classes based on age groups. Please reach out if you have a group of students who are interested. 


Disclaimer: We try our best to open our classes as scheduled. However, we may need to cancel if there are not enough enrolments. In the event we do, we fully refund your course fees.