Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy
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Financial Literacy

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We offer this program either as an 8-week 8-hour workshop or as a  5-hour Boot Camps during Holidays or March (April) Break.

The shortened programs might feel a bit more intense, as we try our best to cover all learning objectives during that time. 


8-week Online Program:

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Saving and Borrowing (Why Save, Why Borrow)

Week 2- Why Save? Tips to Start Saving Money, How to Prioritize Spending, Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Week 3- Why Borrow? Variety of Credit Sources Available, How Credit Scores Work, Rules for Smart Borrowing

Week 4- Time Value of Money (Compounding and Discounting)

Week 5 - Budgeting 101 (Tools for Budgeting, Financial Goals, Excel Budgeting)

Week 6 - Investing (Investment Choices, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds GICs, Core Investing Strategies)

Week 7- Taxes (Canadian Tax System, Tax on Your Investments, Optimization)

Week 8-  Intro to Entrepreneurship


Appropriate for Grade 9-12

Students will join the class using Zoom. 

Software to be used: Excel, Budgeting Apps to be introduced

Please see Abdel's Bio here. 

Disclaimer: We try our best to open our classes as scheduled. However, we may need to cancel if there are not enough enrolments. In the event we do, we fully refund your course fees.