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A look inside 3D Modelling

Learn the basics of 3D Design using Blender with this Introduction workshop.

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Do you believe in magic? We do!

Let's sprinkle some magic dust together.

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Art lovers! This is for you!

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Financial Literacy 101

The perfect workshop for your grade 9-12 students to make sense of money matters, learn how to manage their finances better.

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Learn Python Language

Learn one of the most used programming language to get ahead!

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Teen Writers!

A summer boot camp to get the inspiration and coaching and get started in your writing journey!

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What do our attendees say?

I enjoyed the course because it helped me find different ways to write and I was able to try many different styles so I could see which one worked best for me. I was comfortable sharing my stories with my peers and the instructor of the course because everyone else also shared their stories and experiences while writing. I would definitely recommend this course even to people who have little experience with writing and don’t view themselves as a strong writer!

Shubhra S.

5 Stars out of 5! The best part of the workshop is definitely the community that was built during the course of the workshop. Being around people who also shared a love of writing was really beneficial and helped me with my writing! I now have a better knowledge on how to review and edit my writing better (my writing just overall improved during this workshop). I would definitely recommend it to other teen writers!

Sena O.

 It was wonderful to be able to hand in a piece of writing for someone with experience to review.  As well, it was helpful to be able to be critiqued through each step of the writing process. I would recommend it to other teen writers, especially those who have ideas, but can’t get them out on paper. 4.5 Stars out of 5!

Katie B.

Jaime had a blast and couldn’t wait to share her newly learned magic tricks with our family. Thank you for teaching the kids so passionately.

A parent

Jayden had a great time at the Magic & Science workshop. Thank you!

A parent

Andre & Agata were great with kids and we all had a wonderful time learning new tricks and behind the scenes!